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Merge Duplicate Racers

This form is how you fix typos in people's names. There's no way for the system to know that "John Smith" and "Jon Smith" are actually the same person, and with thousands of names in the database I don't have the time to fix them all either. So you, as the loyal fan, can fix your own results or the results of your friends.

Please stick to people you actually know, and send me an email if you're unsure of something. For all you know, "John Snith" isn't just John Smith with bad handwriting.

Select the two racer names below who actually refer to the same person. They will be merged into one entity, and the FIRST name listed below will be used.

Note that this renames all occurrences of (duplicate name) in the system to (real name) -- do not use this to fix a single result where they left your name off or something -- that's between you and BikeReg.

Search for real racer name:

Duplicate name to merge: