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We are always mucking around with stuff. Sometimes we tell you about it. These are those times.

Nov 11, 2021: 15 years of Cross Data for the People

So. We've been doing this a long time. There's 2 million results in the dataset, reaching from Europe to Japan to Australia (but mostly in America). The field of data analytics has come a long way in the last decade, and more and more, people who are smarter than us ask us questions about the data that we don't know the answer to. But we like answers. And we like data. And we like visualizations. So if you ever wanted to play around with our whole database -- now you can! We put it all up on Google BigQuery.

All we ask is that if you figure out anything cool you tell us and if you figure out any horrible bugs that have been messing up rankings for years you don't tell us.

(If it doesn't work or we did anything silly you can also tell us since this is the first time we've ever done anything with BigQuery)

Jan 8, 2018: 2018 Cross Nationals Predictions!


2018 Cross Nationals Race Predictions!

Jan 2, 2017: 2017 Cross Nationals Predictions!

For the first time in YEARS, the data says that the women's title is more in doubt than the men's title.


2017 Cross Nationals Race Predictions!

Jan 4, 2016: 2016 Cross Nats Predictions!

The machine has spoken and it says Powers and Hyde are way better than everyone else!

(You probably already knew this)

2016 Cross Nationals Race Predictions!

Want to read a lot more words about the elite predictions? Check out a blog post comparing crossresults, USAC, and common sense here.

Mar 19, 2015: Offseason Datamining!

Hey! It might be the off-season, but since "we" are injured, "we" decided to do some datamining of our glorious database. We found out some things about Cross Nationals Qualification Criteria and also where the easiest and hardest UCI points are.

Click those links for more info!

Jan 6, 2015: 2015 National Champs Predictions!

Our predictions for 2015 USA Cyclocross National Championships are based on literally 1 million data points. And yet they will end up being wrong in so many ways it will blow your freakin mind! Such is the nature of bike racing.

But you don't care. You want to see them anyway.

Want to compare with USA Cycling's predictions? They are here. Note that USAC basically copied our ranking methodology, so these predictions are quite similar, but it's fun to see where they diverge due to our code being way way better different data and alogorithmic tweaks.


We thought after 8 years of everything getting progressively more dated around here (okay, maybe it looked dated to start with, we're programmers not designers over here) that we should take some steps to address that.

It's still the same website underneath, although we probably did break some things in new and unique ways. But we also unbroke some things that had been broken for a while. And it might even be usable on your phone now! So all in all, I think we are at least breaking even here.

Of course if anything isn't working the way it should, send us an email, we love talking to the internet.

If you have a wicked/sick hilarious 'cross photo you think would look awesome in the cover photo rotation, drop us a line, we can send you some swag or some other paltry compensation! Or maybe even lower your crossresults points.... if it's a really good photo.

Sep 9, 2014: We Love You Seattle

How else to explain staying up late last night to figure out how to handle your new results service, which posts each field on a separate page? But we did it. MFG #1 is up.

Our love for all other regions remains unchanged, which is to say, quite high.

If your local race series is putting out non-PDF results somewhere and they aren't showing up here, send us an email and let's make this happen. YEAH CROSS SEASON!

Aug 25, 2014: Friends don't let friends race August Cross

Just kidding. Do what you want!

..especially if it's a Relay Cross. Welcome to the 2014 season!

Jan 6, 2014: Race Predictor War!



As always, predictions 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Bonus, Strava turned their API back on so segments are back on race pages! DATA CHRISTMAS!