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2010 - 8 races
Race NameCategoryTeam NamePlaceRacersPointsUpg Pts*
Oct 3 Cross Crusade: Alpenrose Dairy Beginner Men 89 115 617.08
Oct 17 Cross Crusade: Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center Beginner Men 50 107 536.14
Oct 24 Cross Crusade: Portland International Raceway Beginner Men 120 125 669.74
Oct 30 Cross Crusade: Clatsop County Fairgrounds Category C 45 49 688.15
Oct 31 Cross Crusade: Clatsop County Fairgrounds Day Two Beginner Men 10 41 462.72
Nov 7 Cross Crusade: Washington County Fair Complex Beginner Men 37 138 465.64
Nov 14 Cross Crusade: Barton Park Beginner Men 9 105 408.49
Nov 21 Kruger's Crossing Cyclocross Beginner Men 15 70 456.32
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