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We Love You Seattle
How else to explain staying up late last night to figure out how to handle your new results service, which posts each field on a separate page? But we did it. MFG #1 is up.

Our love for all other regions remains unchanged, which is to say, quite high.

If your local race series is putting out non-PDF results somewhere and they aren't showing up here, send us an email and let's make this happen. YEAH CROSS SEASON!
posted by: Colin R
Friends don't let friends race August Cross
Just kidding. Do what you want!

..especially if it's a Relay Cross. Welcome to the 2014 season!
posted by: Colin R
Race Predictor War!


As always, predictions 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Bonus, Strava turned their API back on so segments are back on race pages! DATA CHRISTMAS!
posted by: Colin R
Attack of the Cycle-cross
Oh wow, just the other day it was August 15th and we still had several weeks to get ready for cross season. Then today I woke up surrounded by empty tubes of mastik with an aching lower back. WHAT HAPPENED?!

Well anyway.

We are BACK and putting numbers on the internet as fast as humanly possible. We have a new "course performance" metric on your profile that shows you just how badly you do when it rains, and we have a whole slew of series standings for your perusal, and of course we have the race predictor sitting there, begging to tell you just how badly you're gonna get smoked, er, win, next time you pin a number on.

Missing some results from your local series? It's a big country (seriously, there are like 80 cx races per fall weekend in the USA) so don't take it personally, we're always looking for more data! Just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to get things rolling.
posted by: Colin R
Natz Natz Natz
Update: The first version of the predictor was using "internal points," the new one uses "ranking points" like our standard predictor. So check again!

Update 2: The folks over at rouleurderby have a fairly amusing wager (and website in general) that you might enjoy.

The official crossresults.com Nationals Race Predictor is out! Free cookies to the first enterprising individual who does a post-race comparison between our predictions and the USAC ones!
posted by: Colin R