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Race Predictor War!


As always, predictions 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Bonus, Strava turned their API back on so segments are back on race pages! DATA CHRISTMAS!
posted by: Colin R
Attack of the Cycle-cross
Oh wow, just the other day it was August 15th and we still had several weeks to get ready for cross season. Then today I woke up surrounded by empty tubes of mastik with an aching lower back. WHAT HAPPENED?!

Well anyway.

We are BACK and putting numbers on the internet as fast as humanly possible. We have a new "course performance" metric on your profile that shows you just how badly you do when it rains, and we have a whole slew of series standings for your perusal, and of course we have the race predictor sitting there, begging to tell you just how badly you're gonna get smoked, er, win, next time you pin a number on.

Missing some results from your local series? It's a big country (seriously, there are like 80 cx races per fall weekend in the USA) so don't take it personally, we're always looking for more data! Just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to get things rolling.
posted by: Colin R
Natz Natz Natz
Update: The first version of the predictor was using "internal points," the new one uses "ranking points" like our standard predictor. So check again!

Update 2: The folks over at rouleurderby have a fairly amusing wager (and website in general) that you might enjoy.

The official crossresults.com Nationals Race Predictor is out! Free cookies to the first enterprising individual who does a post-race comparison between our predictions and the USAC ones!
posted by: Colin R
Cross Clash Grand Prize!
Dudes! It's over! We decided to wrap up another successful season of cross clashing and draw some winners. I know, I know, you still have scores to settle at Nationals (or in California!), but let's face it, about 98% of #cxclashes are SETTLED.

So it's time to kick out Rapha Swag to our lucky winner and get back to the all-important business of sitting on the couch, eating cookies, and talking about how "next season is totally gonna be different, maaaaaaan.

In case you forgot, the Rapha Swag is: a Cross Jersey, Team Cross Cap, Pro Team Bib Shorts (or 3/4 shorts), and Pro Team Cross Socks.

The 2012 CLASH OF THE SEASON was Tony Spangler vs. Matthew Lear. Tony won, 9-0. Oh man. Let's see what they had to say for themselves:

Tony Spangler

Crossresults.com: After running up the score on Matt with a 9-0 record this season, do you feel bad? At this point, does he even talk to you, or mumble angrily when you’re around?

TS: Matt's been great! He's always ready with a smile and advice (like "start at the back of the pack, it's better for your kill ratio..."). In fact, I've noticed that as the season progressed he's became more and more helpful. He routinely offers to pump up my tires, adjust my derailleurs, and tell me where the registration tent can be found. Some competitors leave friendship at the start line but not Matt. Unfortunately he's been very busy lately, arriving just before the race, warming up solo, and leaving immediately afterwards. At the end of the season Matt also started racing in the non-Masters races so that he could ride with his up-and-coming Junior racer. I was sorry to see him go. When I found out about winning CROSSCLASH, Matt was the first person I emailed.

CR: I see you let him win the first two races of the season, THEN challenged him to a Cross Clash and never looked back. Was this intentional? Did he get totally played, or what?

TS: No, no! Matt's a sensitive guy and I would never take advantage like that. Last year he trounced me and it really seemed to lift his spirits. He started wearing Euro-cool roadie jackets and aviator glasses in the registration lines. I really didn't want to take all that away. After I started winning our head-to-heads I thought about backing out but I'm not very techy and was having computer issues. I probably should have asked for Matt's advice on the matter but things got hectic and I didn't want to bother him.

CR: Looks like you guys had some close battles early in the season before you got your act together. What changed? Did someone learn to steer a bike? Or have a kid?

TS:I had a few rough races at the beginning: missed the staging at the season opener, and at the second race, ripped off a derailleur during practice laps and raced on a borrowed bike. I also came into the season a bit fried from a long MTB season. It took about a month or so to recover and then every race I was moving up. I owe a lot to my team, Adventures for the Cure, and to the comradierie in the Masters Squad. Matt is right at the heart of our squad and was one of the guys who taught me the sport. There's a case of Allagash White sitting by my door for Matt. . . if he ever starts returning my emails.

CR: Sure, your best finish was a 19th place in the 3/4 Masters, but that won’t stop people from thinking you’re sandbagging when you go 9-0 on some poor dude in a Cross Clash. What are your plans for next year? Have you considered see if Matt would pay you to upgrade?

TS:Actually I scored a 5th place in the season ending race! Matt missed that one, unfortunately--something about being busy at work.... Next year? I think I'll take 9 months off the bike so that I come into the 2013 season feeling fresh. Matt, if you're reading this, I've given up training, have started eating and drinking before bed, and will probably downgrade the bike in the off-season. Wanna go head-to-head in CrossClash2013?

Matt Lear

Crossresults.com: I think we can all agree that when a guy lets you beat him twice, you start a Cross Clash, and then he goes 9-0 – he’s a jerk. Are you guys still friends?

ML: Yes, but if he doesn't share the prize with me I'm never speaking to him again.

CR: Looks like you guys had some close battles early in the season before the gap, er, uh, widened. What changed? Did someone learn to steer a bike? Or have a kid?

ML: Tony trained a *lot* through the middle of the season and improved a lot. I also made a lot of technical mistakes and lost lots of time. My remounts basically suck, too.

CR: What’s Tony’s greatest weakness? On a bike, or hell, off it? I feel like next year’s Cross Clash opponents need an edge on this guy.

ML: Climbing because he's heavier than me but when he loses weight I'm totally boned.

CR: Do you have plans for revenge in 2013? You could try one of those down-tube motors, or just keep mailing cookies to his house this winter.

ML: I'm going to beat him next year or die trying. I'm not above a little sabotage either so if you have any ideas let me know.

CR: Is Tony a huge sandbagger who definitely needs to upgrade next year?

ML: No upgrading until I have another shot at him!

posted by: Colin R
Employment Opportunity!
Hey cross racers, are you a .NET web programmer, near Northampton, MA (or willing to move there!), looking to switch from a job that sucks to a JOB THAT ROCKS??

Our parent company BikeReg is hiring a developer. Don't worry, we won't make you deal with the coding disaster that is crossresults (much), you can spend your whole day helping BikeReg.com take over the world via enterprisey .NET programming!

If this sounds like something you're qualified for, check out the full job posting!

I also might have talked some trashed in the office about how "tons of supernerds love crossresults and I bet the person we hire ends up coming from there," so, uh... prove me right, please.
posted by: Colin R